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You SHOULD have QUESTIONS and we've got ANSWERS!
Anyone considering the adult industry as either a part time job for fun and cash or a serious career should have questions before they sign the dotted line and bare their ass for the world to see. Below we're sharing some of the most common things we hear when talking to potential models. This is where the fun begins.


Why me? I was the ugliest kid in school.
Relax! We know, looking back on some of those old photos you've been tagged in on Facebook can be frightening to say the least, but you're all grown up now and have evolved into your own distinctive beauty that we're sure we can find someone to like. You get extra points in this category if you've already been given a card or sent an email by one of our eagle-eyed scouts.

Is this one of those scams where I have to pay you for a portfolio that will gather dust in your office or my closet?
No, this is an opportunity to get paid, have fun and build a portfolio on our time and money. You are always paid and we do our best to make you look your best. If we don't, then it's costing us money. This is why all of our applicants that are given an interview are paid the same day as their first interview. We don't want our work thrown in your closet, either. If you don't make money, we don't make money. And if we aren't willing to pay to develop your talent then we shouldn't get paid either.

I'm covered with tattoos and scars, some I got in the wars, others in the bars. Can you use me?
Remember, tattoos are a huge part of our mainstream culture and represent our unique personalities. There are a lot of people out there that find this attractive, others who don't. We know how to represent each type of model and find them work that suits their skin. Our job is to get you comfortable in your own skin, no matter how colorful. And we all know that some chicks (and dudes too) dig scars.

Ok, Ok. What if my grandma runs across this online and tells my best friend?
Well, kick ass, grandma is cool in our book. But chances are, grandma will never find you in a million years and your best friend doesn't care. Unless grandma is a professional SEO expert that scans literally three million adult web sites every day or your friend is just a horn dog, you're probably safe. But we can't take responsibility for either. Obviously if you're going to strip off your clothes and leave chance to the wind, there will always be the possibility that either grandma or your best friend will be jealous.

Ok, you have my attention. Now show me the money!
Easy, Tiger. Have you filled out the ONLINE APPLICATION? Have you already been contacted by one of our scouts via email or handing you a card? If not, do you still think you got what it takes? If so, fill out our application and we'll give you our experienced opinion.

Wait- I had another question!
We'll be glad to answer it for you. If you've been given a card or sent an email then remember you are already "pre-approved." If you've gotten drunk and stumbled upon this web site, step away from the beer goggles, and take a long look in the mirror. If you're still convinced, fill out our ONLINE APPLICATION or send us hate mail. We'll be glad to get back to you. Or not!

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